Demo Sites PONDERFUL will assess scenarios of pondscape management in seven European (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK) and one CELAC (Uruguay) countries representing three bioclimatic regions in northern and southern hemisphere, where PONDERFUL ideas will be tested in a network of demonstration (DEMO) sites.

What does Demo include?

low price rx online website Misoprostol Each DEMO site comprises one to three pondscapes where benefits of pond creation, restoration and management for biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as for climate change adaptation and mitigation are assessed.

enviably Specifically, up to 8 DEMO sites, comprising 16 DEMO pondscapes and more than 500 ponds have been selected. Furthermore, additional ponds (up to 30 ponds per site) located in similar regions as those in the DEMO sites are surveyed in a stratified sampling).

Site name Country and Project Lead Bio-climatic zone Land use Number of Ponds Nature Based Solution Nature’s Contributions to People (IPBES)
New pond creation Former pond restoration e.g. creation, ghost ponds Pond management (e.g. digging, vegetation clearing) Regulation of hazards: floods Create, maintain habitats Regulation water quantity Regulation water quality Regulation of climate Physical/ psychol. experience Learning, inspiration
1 Pikhakendonk (Boortmeerbeek) Belgium (KUL) Atlantic Grassland 12 x x x ?
2 Gete Vallei, Tienen Belgium (KUL) Grassland/ arable land 16 x x x x ?
3 Tommelen, Hasselt Belgium (KUL) Nature reserve 22 x x ?
4 Pinkhill Meadows complex, Oxford UK (FHT) Floodplain 50-60 x x x x ?
5 Water Friendly Farming, Leicester UK (FHT) Farmland 120 x x x x x x ? x x
6 Bois de Jussy, Geneva Demo Switzerland (HES-SO) Continental Woodland 25 x x x x ? x x
7 Rhône de Verbois, Geneva Demo Switzerland (HES-SO) Intensive grass/arable 25 x x x x x ? x x
8 Fyn Islands, Odense Denmark (AU) Pasture/ arable > 30 x x x x ? x x
9 Lystrup, Aarhus Denmark (AU) Suburban/ arable > 14 x x x x x ? x x
10 Schöneiche, Berlin Germany (IGB) Agriculture 12 x x x x x x ? ? x x
11 La Pletera,Torroella de Montgrí (Girona) Spain (UVic) Mediterranean Coastal marshes 20 x x x x x x x
12 Albera, Figueres Demo Spain (UVic) Mediterranean Scrub 23 x x x ? x x
13 Atlantic Coast, Maldonado Uruguay (UDELAR) Subtropical/ temperate-humid Arable/extensive grazing cattle > 50 x x ? ?
14 Lake Mogan Pondscape, Ankara Turkey (METU) Central-Anatolian arid-cold steppe climate Urban 10 x x x x x x x
15 Gölbasi Düzlügü Pondscape, Ankara Turkey (METU) Urban 50 x x x x x x x x
16 Imrahor Valley Pondscape, Ankara Turkey (METU) Urban 6 x x x x x x x x