Demo-Site 13

Laguna Garzón, Maldonado – Rocha

Pondscape description

  • Landscape area
  • 23km2
  • Number of Ponds
  • 18
  • Ponds included in the stratified sampling (WP2)
  • 3
  • Pond sizes (m2)
  • 700 to 8000
  • Pond depth (m)
  • 0.4 to 2
  • Pond age (years)
  • 10+
  • Country
  • Uruguay
  • Name of the Pondscape
  • Laguna Garzón
  • Name of neighboring large zone town
  • Maldonado – Rocha
  • Bioclimatic zone
  • Subtropical/temperate-humid
  • Land use
  • arable/extensive grazing cattle/afforestation


NBS for mitigation/adaptation to CC that can potentially be highlighted as a best-practice at the European or CELAC scale

The ponds included in this DEMO-site were constructed for storing water for irrigation and cattle. Some ponds are used for agriculture and some are near a forested area. The NBS associated with this Demo-Site are linked to productive purposes, but the area is also close to a protected area with relics of native coastal vegetation and therefore has conservation value.


– Manual for pond creation by Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Fisheries