Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

Sharing the knowledge we generate to scientists, policymakers and practitioners is an important part of PONDERFUL’s legacy. We will raise the profile of small waters with the aim of ponds being fully included in environmental management in the future. Our findings will also help ensure new ponds deliver maximum value in tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Our communication, dissemination and exploitation activities include:

  • Publishing peer-reviewed PONDERFUL research in scientific journals, ensuring it is available open access, and presenting our findings at scientific meetings and conferences.
  • Running national and regional workshops with policy makers and practitioners.
  • Working with SMEs to commercialise our project outputs by developing prototypes of climate change mitigating ponds, called CLIMA-Ponds.
  • Sharing our milestones and project news across social media, traditional media, the PONDERFUL website and the PONDERFUL newsletter.