Nature-based solutions

PONDERFUL aims to increase our knowledge on how to manage and restore ponds to maximize their role as nature-based solutions (NbS) for biodiversity conservation, delivery of ecosystem services as well as for society and ecosystem resilience to climate change.

In this sense, in the framework of PONDERFUL, information on implemented pond and pondscape NbS in Europe, Turkey and Uruguay is being collected. In addition, different NbS are being implemented and tested in 20 pondscapes across eight DEMO-sites. Implementation is being conducted both at the local scale (pond) and at the regional scale (network of ponds). Main types of NbS that are being assessed are pond creation and restoration as well as pond and pondscape management actions (within the ponds, or on areas surrounding the ponds).

Based on the indicators and methods presented in the EU Handbook “Evaluating the Impact of Nature-based Solutions: A Handbook for Practitioners”, Nature’s Contribution to People (NCP) provided by these pondscapes is being identified.

Furthermore, PONDERFUL will provide evidence-based guidance and tools for pond NbS implementation across Europe and CELAC countries. This set of tools (database of best-practice measures, policy guidance documents, multi-criteria decision software, Technical Handbook) is addressed to decision makers and local practitioners and it is expected to increase the effectiveness of the use of ponds and pondscapes as NbS. These innovative tools are being co-developed with stakeholders and will integrate the new scientific knowledge gained in PONDERFUL as well as the socio economic, policy and financing context (cost and benefits) that may influence the effectiveness of ponds and pondscapes as NbS.

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