Demo-Site 10

Pond area Schöneiche, Berlin

Pondscape description

  • Landscape area
  • 16 km2
  • Number of Ponds
  • 12
  • Ponds included in the stratified sampling (WP2)
  • 6
  • Pond sizes (m2)
  • 100 to 20000
  • Pond depth (m)
  • 0.1 to 0.5
  • Pond age (years)
  • 10 to 10000
  • Country
  • Germany
  • Name of the Pondscape
  • Pond area Schöneiche
  • Name of neighboring large zone town
  • Berlin
  • Bioclimatic zone
  • Continental
  • Land use
  • Agriculture


NBS for mitigation/adaptation to CC that can potentially be highlighted as a best-practice at the European or CELAC scale

The pond network is the southern part of the FFH‐area ‘Fredersdorfer Mühlenfließ, Langes Luch und Breites Luch’ (Internal number 348, EU‐No. DE 3448‐302), with listed animal species Bombina bombina, Triturus cristatus, Lutra lutra, Misgurnus fossilis. The pondscape is situated at the north of the villages Schöneiche and Münchehofe, next to two small streams (Fredersdorfer Mühlenfließ, Zehnbuschgraben). Generally, it contributes to reducing the flood risk of areas situated downstream. However, in response to the recent (~10 yrs) rainfall reduction in the region, ponds have been connected to sealed areas to store rainwater in the landscape and keep a stable hydroperiod of the ponds. The network is also a recognized amphibian breeding site. The pondscape is used for regular citizen information and education, including local schools.


FFH‐area description
NGO website
‐ NGO‐reports on hydrology, connectivity and recommended construction of hydraulic connectivity for
some of the ponds
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