Demo-Site 7

Rhône de Verbois, Geneva

Pondscape description

  • Landscape area
  • 16 km2
  • Number of Ponds
  • 40
  • Ponds included in the stratified sampling (WP2)
  • 6
  • Pond sizes (m2)
  • 50 to 20000
  • Pond depth (m)
  • 0.4 to 4
  • Pond age (years)
  • 5 to 50
  • Country
  • Switzerland
  • Name of the Pondscape
  • Rhône de Verbois
  • Name of neighboring large zone town
  • Geneva
  • Bioclimatic zone
  • Continental
  • Land use
  • Intensive land use: grass/arable. Partly urbanized


NBS for mitigation/adaptation to CC that can potentially be highlighted as a best practice at the European or CELAC scale

Nearly all ponds were created with the objective of providing (i) habitats for biodiversity and (ii) places for leisure activities (walking & hiking, contact with nature, fishing, bathing, cooling effect (during heat peaks)).

In the context of warming (and heat waves), this pondscape is used for the well-being of the population (e.g. from the neighboring large city of Geneva): refreshing walk, bathing.

The network is a hotspot for biodiversity: (i) it includes 4 amphibian breeding sites of national importance, (ii) it overlaps the alluvial site of national importance Nr 114, and (ii) most ponds are integrated in the Ramsar site Nr 701. Several ponds are birdwatching places.

Selection of available resources (e.g. publications, websites)

Biodiversity, ES, NBS costs and benefits, potential for climate adaptation and mitigation

Pond data available

  • Inventories of biodiversity: amphibians, invertebrates, macrophytes, reptiles, mammals
  • Statistics on public attendance

Additional information / Comments (inc. constraints)

  • Detailed information on the landscape is available as online cartography:, e.g. urbanization, hydrography, land use (including agriculture), climate (present and forecasts until 2100), energy, geology, hazards, health.