Demo-Site 19

Imrahor River Valley Pondscape, Çankaya (Ankara)

Pondscape description

  • Landscape area
  • 2.41 km2
  • Number of Ponds
  • 12
  • Ponds included in the stratified sampling (WP2)
  • 0
  • Pond sizes (m2)
  • 225- 57.000
  • Pond depth (m)
  • 0.1-16
  • Pond age (years)
  • Country
  • Turkey
  • Name of the Pondscape
  • Imrahor River Valley Pondscape
  • Name of neighboring large zone town
  • Çankaya (Ankara)
  • Bioclimatic zone
  • Central‐Anatolian arid‐cold steppe climate
  • Land use
  • Urbanization


NBS for mitigation/adaptation to CC that can potentially be highlighted as a best-practice at the European or CELAC scale

Imrahor River Valley has several ponds that make a semi-rural and semi-urban pondscape within the Ankara metropol’s ecological and hydrological corridors. The ponds in Imrahor River Valley Pondscape were under the threats of urbanization and pollution. Animal farming is also common in the pondscape. As the pondscape is located downstream of Lake Eymir, it is anticipated that the pondscape has the potential to protect the city laying downstream from a flooding event.

Middle East Technical University Limnology Laboratory