PONDERFUL News and Freshwater reports – Issue No.1

Aug 24, 2021

Issue No.1

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What is PONDERFUL?  Goals and partners
Meet our team members

In this first issue, we introduce you to Julie Fahy, a PhD student and assistant in the aquatic ecology group of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HEPIA – HES-SO) in Geneva.

Updates on our work

The WP1 team is planning the first stakeholder workshop. Such a workshop aims to get to know stakeholders of each DEMO-site (see below) and start the process of their engagement in the project.

PONDERFUL partners have selected ponds along gradients of land use intensity in 6 different pondscapes in their country to assess the effect of climate change on biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services and their interactions in ponds.

Scenarios and Modelling: The team at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, is improving our ability to map ponds from space! 

Pondscapes were selected in seven European countries and in Uruguay, in close collaboration with the stakeholders.

Demo sites

PONDERFUL will assess scenarios of pondscape management in eight countries where its ideas will be tested in a network of demonstration (DEMO) sites.

News and events

PONDERFUL Launch Event on Thursday 10th June. Watch the full Launch Event here.

Freshwater reports

A quick review of some papers and events of general interest for freshwater ecologists that caught our eye and are thought or action provoking.