PONDERFUL News and Freshwater reports – Issue No.4

Nov 25, 2022

Issue No.4

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Meet our team members

Mariana Meerhoff, Professor of Aquatic Ecology at University of the Republic in Uruguay. She is a freshwater ecologist interested in finding better ways to protect nature and to highlight the value of nature for us and for itself. She leads most of the Uruguayan contributions to PONDERFUL.


Updates on our work

A group of PONDERFUL partners have analysed the policy framework of the EU, assessing what currently limits the implementation of ponds and landscapes of different types of ponds (pondscapes) as NBS. The group is also identifying potential opportunities contained in this framework.


The effects of land use on biodiversity are most visible at local scales but are not adequately captured on the current global land use mapping. In PONDERFUL we were working on two protocols to update the GLOBIO land use allocation model to further downscale land use projections at fine spatial resolution (100 and 10m).

News and events

A special session focused on pondscapes was organized by PONDERFUL partners at the International Congress of Ecology (INTECOL). This session focused on how the creation, restoration and management of ponds and pondscapes can efficiently promote biodiversity and offer several Nature Contributions to People.


PONDERFUL partner Jeremy Biggs, of Freshwater Habitats Trust in the UK, gave a presentation on the importance of ponds in a session entitled Unlocking the Potential of Wetlands for Addressing Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss in the last Ramsar Convention of Wetlands.


The PONDERFUL project was present at ISARA (Agronomy school in France, Lyon) Open Day on 21 November. Watch the video here.


A questionnaire has been developed within the PONDERFUL framework to evaluate the role of ponds and pondscapes as NbS for climate change adaptation, from the pond scale (local NbS) to the pondscape scale (landscape NbS). Fill out the questionnaire here.


Furthermore, the PONDERFUL project is attracting attention from media around the world and, in recent months, our partners have made a number of appearances on TV and radio.

Freshwater reports

Another review of papers and events of general interest for freshwater ecologists that caught our eye and are thought or action provoking.