PONDERFUL News and Freshwater reports – Issue No.7

Jul 09, 2024

Issue No.7

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Meet our team members

Associate Professor Malgorzata Blicharska works at Uppsala University. She is an expert in political and social sciences working on numerous issues related to sustainable development, with a particular focus on policy and governance aspects linked to biodiversity conservation. That includes, for example, the implementation of biodiversity-related and other environmental policies, ecological and socio-economic assessment of ecosystem services, and the application of Nature-based Solutions. In the PONDERFUL project she is leading the work package for stakeholder involvement, policy, society, and sustainable financing, being responsible of the policy analysis, but also supervising and coordinating the work with other tasks and in charge of the PONDERFUL final framework.

Updates on our work

International pond conference 2024: Ponds and pondscapes for biodiversity, climate and people is hosted by PONDERFUL and the European Pond Conservation. This major online event will take place on 12th and 13th November, bringing together freshwater scientists, practitioners and policymakers from around the globe to exchange the latest research, practical applications, and policy developments on the importance of ponds for biodiversity, change adaptation, and as nature-based solutions. We are now inviting abstract submissions (deadline 19th July).

The latest PONDERFUL animated video is now available on YouTube! This engaging video walks viewers through the various steps involved in building a new pond for biodiversity, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in contributing to nature conservation.

We are almost ready to launch the PONDERFUL decision support tool, a web-based system that will enable people to compare different potential nature-based solution (NBS) implementations linked to pond or pondscapes. It predicts various Nature’s Contributions to People (NCP) provided by the implemented NBS under different land use and climate change scenarios. This initiative could change the way we manage, restore and create ponds and pondscapes as nature-based solutions.

Through PONDERFUL, we have now created a series of 16 leaflets, sharing insights about several Demo-site pondscapes and the Nature’s Contributions to People they provide. These pondscapes are nature-based solutions that have been implemented for providing Nature’s Contributions to People as we adapt to climate change: from watering cattle in a time of drought, to providing habitat for declining species and reducing flood risk in nearby towns and cities. The leaflets have been published both English and the relevant local language.

Policymakers and practitioners will soon benefit from two major new publications, being developed through PONDERFUL. The PONDERFUL technical handbook is a 100-page book for people involved in planning, designing and implementing practical projects that use ponds and pondscapes as nature-based solutions for addressing social, economic and environmental challenges. For policy makers and legislators, a quick guide to the use of ponds and pondscapes as nature-based solutions will be provided by the PONDERFUL policy guidance document.

Freshwater reports

A new review of some recent research and policy events that caught our eye and got us thinking, or suggested some practical actions we could take. In addition, the PONDERFUL consortium is publishing a growing number of papers with results from the project. Keep an eye on the scientific publications page of our website for updates.