PONDERFUL News and Freshwater reports – Issue No.2

Nov 29, 2021

Issue No.2

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Meet our team members

Maria Cuenca Cambronero, an aquatic ecologist specializing in zooplankton communities, eco-evolutionary dynamics, trophic interactions, and ecosystem functions – postdoc at UVic – introduced herself. Her research focuses on understanding the impact of human-driven global change on species and ecosystems, with particular attention on freshwater ecosystems.


Updates on our work

The first stakeholder workshops organised in each DEMO-site have been in full speed this autumn 2021. Detailed guidelines on how to organise the workshop, what each particular session should include and important issues to think about when inviting stakeholders and planning the workshop have been developed.


The PONDERFUL field season 2021 has been extremely exciting and busy so far. Researchers gathered information on major local environmental pond conditions and collected samples for the assessment of pond biodiversity, carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions and pond metabolism from ponds in 8 countries.

A web application presenting the spatial distribution of the ponds and the global land use/cover information in their surroundings has been developed. It allows users to download ponds’ available data and hydro period information easily.



The research team is assessing pondscapes to answer a key question in PONDERFUL: may pond Nature-based Solutions have an important role for climate adaptation and mitigation and so should be encouraged and more widely implemented?

The first ever workshop of PONDERFUL was organised by HEPIA-HES and was held in Meinier, Switzerland on 19th October 2021.

Sampling in Spanish ponds: sampling campaigns are a hard period for researchers because frequently the timetable is not very “gentle” and involves “significant” physical effort. However, this part of research is one of the most satisfying considering the very nice environments and the wonderful inhabitants of ponds.

An introduction to the Lake Warming Mesocosm Experiment (LWME) which has been running at the department of Ecoscience at Aarhus University since late 2013.

News and events

Freshwater reports

A quick review of some papers and events of general interest for freshwater ecologists that caught our eye and are thought or action provoking.

EPCN seminars