Ponds under the spotlight at SEFS

Jul 25, 2023

Ponds were the subject of several sessions at the Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences (SEFS13), held in the UK in June. The conference, which is one of the biggest events in the freshwater calendar, included a programme of pond-related sessions hosted by PONDERFUL partner the European Pond Conservation Network (EPCN).

Several members of the PONDERFUL consortium attended the symposium, presenting their work and sharing results with other freshwater scientists from around the world. The event included special sessions on Soundscape studies in ponds, lakes and rivers and Ponds as integral part of aquatic and terrestrial landscapes, involving PONDERFUL partner UCL.

In addition, representatives from PONDERFUL partners, including The University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland and Freshwater Habitats Trust, shared results from the project.

Organised by the Freshwater Biological Association, SEFS13 took place from 18th to 23rd June in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England.