PONDERFUL DEMO-site leaflets go live!

Jun 25, 2024

What do the Mediterranean temporary ponds of Albera, farmland grazed by cattle near San Carlos in Uruguay and a pond network in the suburbs of Aarhus, Denmark, have in common?

They’re all PONDERFUL DEMO sites.

These pondscapes are similar in other ways too: they are nature-based solutions that have been implemented for providing Nature’s Contributions to People as we adapt to climate change: from watering cattle in a time of drought, to providing habitat for declining species and reducing flood risk in nearby towns and cities.

Through PONDERFUL, we have now created a series of 16 leaflets, sharing insights about these pondscapes and the Nature’s Contributions to People they provide. Now published on the PONDERFUL website, in both English and the relevant local language, the leaflets share details such as:

  • Biodiversity
  • Other Nature’s Contributions to People provided by the pondscape
  • Links to local policies

How these ponds are working as nature-based solutions to address societal challenges

  • A cost-benefit analysis
  • Success stories: what the pondscape is achieving for people and biodiversity

Many of the DEMO sites also feature in the PONDERFUL technical handbook, which will be published later this year.

Dr Beat Oertli, Professor at PONDERFUL partner University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland said: “Through PONDERFUL, we have focused on these demonstration sites to learn more about how pondscapes can support us to as we adapt to our changing climate. Our research has helped us learn more about the benefits being provided by the implemented nature-based solutions, as well as discovering more about the biodiversity supported by these pondscapes.

“Despite their importance for wildlife and people, we know that small waterbodies have traditionally been overlooked. So, by publishing information about these pondscapes we are raising their profile among policymakers and the wider public. We also hope that people across the world will be inspired by the nature-based solutions provided by these pondscapes and consider how they can also manage, restore and create small waterbodies to provide Nature’s Contributions to People.

“Our DEMO site leaflets will be an important legacy for PONDERFUL and will be a useful resource and an inspiration for land managers, policymakers and local businesses for many years to come.”

Download the PONDERFUL leaflets: Leaflets – Ponderful

All 16 leaflets are included in a downloadable booklet (DOI 10.5281/zenodo.12160725).