Discussing the effectiveness of small waterbodies as nature-based solutions

Nov 21, 2023

Last month PONDERFUL participated in the XXX Argentina Ecology Meeting, in Bariloche, Argentina. During the four-days meeting around 800 participants from CELAC countries but also other parts of the world, engaged in promoting and disseminating the advances in the area of ecology and establishing discussions on the “New Frontiers of Ecology: Exploring Global Challenges”.

PONDERFUL researchers presented their work in a poster entitled “The use of small waterbodies as nature-based solutions”. The main objective of the study conducted within the scopes of PONDERFUL project was to evaluate the use of small waterbodies and their networks as nature based solutions (actions: creation, restoration and management), to promote biodiversity and other ecosystem services. The outcomes suggest that small water bodies and their networks are effective nature-based solutions to address current environmental and societal challenges. Despite these positive findings, the work should continue to better understand their effectiveness and broaden their global applicability.

If you want to know more about this work, you can download the poster here.