PONDERFUL consortium meets

Jul 05, 2023

In May, the PONDERFUL consortium met in Uppsala, Sweden, to share the most recent results of the project. The event was also an opportunity to share our knowledge of how ponds will help us adapt and mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity, and deliver ecosystem services.

PONDERFUL partner the University of Uppsala organised the second in-person and online meeting, which included 53 members from the consortium from 11 countries. The consortium was also joined by Peter Kristensen for the Scientific Advisory Board, and Piret Noukas of the European Research Executive Agency. Over three days, participants shared the most important results from the previous two years of the project. New ideas were also discussed to build on what the consortium has achieved so far and fulfil the project objectives.

Some partners demonstrated how ponds can work as nature-based-solutions to adapt to climate change, deliver ecosystem services and protect biodiversity, based on the most recent results from our demo-sites across Europe and Uruguay. The consortium also discussed how we can continue to involve stakeholders and policy makers into the project, and the best strategies to disseminate our main results globally.

Now, 18 months from the project end, PONDERFUL partners will focus on developing both scientific instruments and tools directed to stakeholders to implement and manage ponds as nature-based solutions.